champions leauge

Soccer is a good sport some of the newest news is champion’s league. The newest games where Juventus vs Barcelona and real Madrid vs Bayern Munich.

Barca played some good games and some horrendous games and this was one of them. They lost to juventis by 3. Paulo Dybala scored 2 goals and marchiso scored a header on a corner

Even If barca is a good team when Juventus is on its prime they are unbeatable. It was a sick game to watch. Paluo Dybala was on his prime .

The other game was real madird vs Bayern in the first half it was 1-1 and it was a tough game. Neuer had some un human saves though. It was a great match

In the 2nd half near the end Ronaldo got tackled by javi marteniez and javi got a red card. That means that Bayern was 10 men vs 11 so near the 90th minute Ronaldo scored the goal to bring real madrid through.


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